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The Translation of Dreams by Sumayya Vally & Stephen Steyn

Psychoanalytic and Poetic Devices in South African Architectural Education Sumayya Vally and Stephen Steyn ‘the critique of ideology should not begin with critiquing reality, but with the critique of our dreams.’i There are two kinds of dreams. There are the dreams that we share, and there are dreams that are our own. One could say…

IKEA DISOBEDIENTS-Andres Jaque Architects_Office for Political Innovation00

IKEA Disobedients Manifesto by Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation

IKEA Disobedients is a response to the world’s most important architectural actor, IKEA, and its promotion of homes as “independent republics” made of comfort and familiarity. Comprising alternative pop-up showrooms around the world, online-distributed movies, and the hacking of IKEA products; IKEA Disobedients reappropriates IKEA’s transmedia strategy to empower alternative domesticities, where otherness and engagement…

1 Young & Ayata - Still life with lobster, silver jug, large Berkenmeyer fruit bowl, violin, books and sinew object after Pieter Claesz, 1641-2014

Dead Life by Michael Young / Young & Ayata

This article was originally published at Sci-Arc Offramp 9. The Still Life has always presented an interesting problem for art criticism. It is both the height of technical skill in painting and the lowest on the rung of the genres. It seems to say everything about the mastery of the medium and offer little for…

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Memes by Extra Office

We have invited Extra Office to engage in discussion through an informal mode of communication which has become rather dominant in the past decade: the meme.

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