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MOS' Store No. 1 "A Miami Storefront with 21 Windows and 3 Doors," built in 2018, Miami, Florida. Photographed by Jacob Lenard (@jacoblenard).

Francis Aguillard Reacts to Lists… and to Michael Meredith

List-o-mania Lists are one of those things that seem easy to define until you think about them too much. Michael Meredith explores the slipperiness of defining lists in an article he wrote for the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s (CCA’s) “Find and Tell” series. For him, lists are author-less, yet personal; never complete but never incomplete;…


John McMorrough Reflects on a Conversation Among Architects

Eavesdropping on Architectural Conversations, or “I’ll Have What They’re Having” A Response to Serious Playfulness Architectural conversations are powerful. In studios and at final reviews, over napkins with clients, or trace paper with co-workers, these fleeting exchanges are a repository of architecture’s possible truths (before drawings, before models, and before buildings). However, the reproduced fidelity…


Serious Playfulness: 6 Young Firms Balancing Experimentation and Pragmatism

“Serious Playfulness” is a conversation among six emerging architecture firms in cities around the world that was by conducted by ARTIFIZI in collaboration with Toronto’s PARTISANS. The exchange took place over email, a remote correspondence that culminated in an intimate, multi-person dialogue, one that shows how even under lockdown it’s important to work creatively and keep…

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